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Executive Search

Executive Search

Within the scope of the executive search we define a requirement profile using the briefing by the customer. On this work basis we draw up a suitable target group of companies which we review on request with our client, especially in very narrow and critical competitive environments, in order to avoid irritation on the market. Next, we identify and approach the relevant candidates and, in personal interviews, discuss the positions with them in order to check their personal and professional suitability and to sustainably raise their interest in the posts.

In addition, we get in touch with industry experts in order to obtain additional pointers to especially interesting, potential candidates. From among the most interesting people found, we draw up a short list of especially suitable candidates, whom we propose in written reports and later introduce personally.

We attend to the entire project right up to the signing of contracts and even into the probationary period. We actively monitor the talks from both sides in order to successfully and effectively achieve the set goal.